AIM = Accountability + Integrity + Measurable Results

Curious, resilient, joyful!   With a 20+ year career in HR and business consulting, Jill brings you AIM:

  • work with ACCOUNTABILITY
  • work with INTEGRITY
  • get MEASURABLE results.

Jill brings both business acumen and life experience to every client engagement with a blend of humor, resourcefulness and passion for her work.

Jill participates with multiple nonprofits to provide pro bono, board member and volunteer services.  These  have included the Center for Domestic Peace, Marin Humane Society, Marin Employment Connection and The Venture Greenhouse. 

There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living...

Nelson Mandela

      About Jill

Benefits of working together:

  • Customized programs & services.

  • Identify & maximize your strengths.

  • 100% focus on your agenda.

  • See both the big picture and bottom line.

  • Build trust in your business acumen.

  • Learn to proactively course-correct.

  • Live a personal & professional life with passion and purpose!

  • My accountability...I walk my talk; I will always encourage you to do the same.

JC Williams Group featured services:

Transform your business...

AIM High!