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Organizational Development

Is your business missing its financial goals?  Are you wondering what you need to do to stay in front of your competitors?  Do you have employees who aren't performing to their full potential?

Sometimes a business needs to see itself in a new light in order to move ahead. Organizational Development provides tools and techniques that help a business see itself differently and make the necessary changes to achieve its strategic goals. As a business consultant with an Organizational Development background, I can help you take a fresh look at your business. What are its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?  If you have employees, do they have the skills they need?Are they motivated to do their best for you?  After working with me, you will be able to make more informed day-to-day decisions. You will also have a fuller understanding of what your business needs to do to move ahead.

Leadership Assessment

Do you and your staff have the leadership skills you need to be successful in today’s business environment? Do you want to strengthen the leadership capabilities within your organization?

I can conduct a 360-degree assessment, giving your organization a clear picture of its leadership strengths and weaknesses. Then, we will map out a strategy to strengthen its leadership capabilities. As a business consultant with twenty plus years of real business experience, I will help you take specific steps to reach your leadership goals.

To learn more about JC Williams Group please contact Jill Williams at: 415-717-3046.

Business & Strategic Planning

Have you reviewed your strategic plan lately you have a business plan & a strategic plan? 

Greatly simplified,

~A business plan covers the “who” and “what” of the business.
~A strategic plan gives us the “how” and “when.”

Your business plan and strategic plan serve as roadmaps to the future.  Having a defined business plan and annual strategic plans are essential for every successful business.  Whatever type or size of business you have, I'll work with you to create a smart and practical 5-year business plan and annual strategic objectives.  Your plan will be customized to your business and will guide your current and future decisions. 

On an annual basis we will revisit your business plan and develop strategic objectives that set the tone for the coming year.  If you have a team, I will provide professional facilitation for your planning meetings, allowing you and your organization to focus 100% on your goals rather than meeting logistics and data capture. Contact me to find out how to increase the value of these meetings exponentially.  Download the details of a business plan and strategic plan- HERE

PowerLaunch Program  

Are you launching a new business venture?  Or, do you need to revitalize your business so that it can succeed in today's competitive environment? 

The PowerLaunch program can help you do both.  You'll get a block of coaching sessions designed to help you find your "leadership" voice, identify your strengths and develop your business plan and strategic objectives.  If your current business is moving in a new direction or taking on new product, service, or leadership, this is an excellent opportunity to gain clarity and motivation.

I am pleased to partner with a select group of business professionals to provide with you with all you need to move forward as you create a new or improved business! You are welcome to my referrals and the final choice is always yours.   Download the PowerLaunch Program overview sheet for more information- HERE

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